Ellie Cusamano
Loving British<3
Vital statistics
Position Daughter of Bellona
Age 20
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 5'1"
Weight 120lbs


Ellie was born to Bellona, the roman goddess of war. It's rare that Bellona will have a child, but fortunately,Ellie was one of those children, along with her twin sister Daniela. Not much is known about her father, Thomas Cusamano, as Ellie and Daniela were left with their aunt, Frankie Cusamano, the daughter of King Zeus, god of lightning and thunder in Greece.

Ellie came to came when she was 15, which was 5 years ago. Right now she takes time to come out of camp and she goes and helps children be educated. She is a sub teacher in Long Island, New York.

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